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The Frog Graham Challenge(Blaga Ditrow, Director): This documentary encompasses more than filming people running and swimming in the mountains. Award-winning filmmaker, Blaga Ditrow, follows the journey of Ivan Dragoshinski, a man who discovers that during the darkest moments of his life, his persistence and endurance help him overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. The Frog Graham Round is the ultimate swim/run challenge in the UK. It comprises running over 40 miles as well as ascending and descending 15,750 feet over the North Western Lake district in England. The contenders must also swim across 4 lakes with a total distance of approximately 2.4 miles before finishing where it all started at Keswick, a small town in the heart of the Lake district. This is not an ordinary day out in the hills and lakes, but rather a very tough challenge for athletes looking for something out of the ordinary and who want to push themselves one step further. More about this film.